Welcome to the Pack! Let's Talk Paw Care.

Welcome home, pack! We are so thankful that you are here and we can't wait to send you off with weekly inspiration, and tips + tricks to help lead your pet into living a newfound healthy lifestyle. I'm jumping right into the tips + tricks realm today. Let's talk paw care!

Getting outside and improving your health is just as important for you as it is for your dog! They need consistent exercise. If you are starting a new or longer routine, here is a tip from a pro, or rather, the mother of a stubborn bulldog—take it easy. ;) Not just for the sake of their own endurance but their paws need to build up to added distances or walking times. 

Cold ground (floors, sidewalks, snow, ice, etc) can cause chapping and cracking. Rock salt and chemical ice melts can cause sores, infection and blistering if left on the paw pads and between the toes. Your dog can also ingest toxic chemicals when he licks his paws. No thanks!

Cleansing your dog's paws is one of the most effective ways to keep their digestive system healthy. All dogs' paws collect the grime, pollutants and allergens on sidewalks, streets, and public parks as well as floors even those in your own home from cleansers and grime brought in on shoes. I know, that one always comes as a shock! When dogs collect these harmful agents on their paws they lick them—thus digesting the agents directly into their digestive system, or the agents are absorbed through their sweat glands in their paws putting these chemicals into their bloodstream often causing allergic reactions.  

This is where our Native Paw Cleanser + Sanitizer comes into play.

Use our sanitizer after a nice walk or anytime, really, to cleanse the grime & bacteria off their paws and between their toes. Even better is to follow up with our Native Paw - Paw Balm. Our balm can additionally act as a barrier to salt, if put on before walks in the cold.

Just like winter cold summer heat is also harsh on paws. Be so careful to never walk your dog on hot pavement or other hot surfaces. Dogs pads blister and burn just like skin.

After a good walk, a nice + relaxing paw massage is in order! No I'm not joking. This routine is a staple in our home to promote better circulation as well as a great way to strengthen a bond with a pet. Doing this will help you find the extraneous objects that can become wedged in your dog’s pads and between their toes. It is wise to daily check the paws for foxtails (this is a grass), pebbles, small bits of broken glass and other debris. Just like you don’t like a rock in your shoe neither does a dog! Unfortunately, they cannot verbally let you know they have something stuck in their paw. So, about that paw massage...here's what to do:

  • Start by rubbing between the pads on the bottom of the paw.
  • Then, rub in-between each toe. 

Now that you have a happy + healthy start or end to your doggo's day, I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 

Dr. Joann Waite