Paw Sake Soak Salts


Native Paw | Paw Sake Soak Stops paw licking, helps heal wounds naturally, and a benefit of a healthy lifestyle and excellent paw care. 

Reduce allergens and pollutants from entering your pet's bloodstream by soaking their paws in our Paw Sake Soak. Native Paw's soak is excellent for pets with yeasty paws, sore paws, slivers in the paws, and a good old fashioned relaxing soak. 

Pure Dead Sea salt boasts essential minerals to moisturize and nourish skin, plus ease muscle tension. A relaxing eucalyptus natural fragrance is like a deep cleansing breath with an intoxicating citrus scent, and natural oils that moisturize and smooth skin plus rich in magnesium—an ingredient said to reduce aches and pains.   

Native Paw Sake Soak gently cleanses wounds and aids in drawing out infection in the case of an abscess.  Soaking your dog's paws in Paw Sake Soak mixed with warm water can relieve itchy, dry or inflamed paws due to environmental factors such as pollutants and petroleum and stress or allergies.  Dry skin can be a particularly uncomfortable and a recurring ailment for your dog. A Paw Sake Soak can relieve inflammation and itchiness naturally. 

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