Our mission is to create pet care products, given daily to assist in a healthy & authentic lifestyle. 

What makes our product unique?
Based in rural Pacific Northwest we are surrounded by natural, simple, beauty. Our philosophy of formulation is also natural and simple: We create products for the animals, pets, fur family members we love. That’s why we choose the highest quality of natural, organic ingredients to create powerfully pure products that protect, soothe, and nourish. Real ingredients. Real recipes. Real healthy.

Our mission is to create pet products that used on or given daily to your best friend will assist in a healthy life style.

Our essential pet products are based off over 25 years of scientific research and combined family recipes. Our company is named in honor of our Seneca Cayuga heritage.

Scientifically, Dr. Waite worked nearly 25 years in research. Her work was funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Science and Technology, and many others. While at a prestigious University she was over all things research related to federal funding. She held prestigious positions such as  Director of Sponsored Research and Programs, the Research Integrity Officer, as well as the Authorized Organizational Representative for All Things Research but is now focusing only on pet care. Dr. Waite has always made healthy treats for her dogs and has a passion for canine nutrition and health through herbs, and plants that provide good healthy benefits for dogs. Her passion for canine health and nutrition inspired our company to organize several years ago and now all that research is packed into each essential product. 

Why we love what we do?
We love working in a beautiful, environmentally friendly building, filled with fragrances of natural ingredients and essential oils. We love being part of a healthy business making a positive difference in the world we share with our pets and nature. And we love making care products for the fur family we love, which has been our mission all along.

Our pet care products are based off scientific research combined with family recipes. Our company is named in honor of our Seneca Cayuga tribe.  

RJ, after college decided to make a career out of Native Paw full time. She manages marketing, fulfillment and works with the retail buyers to get our products on their shelves and our products delivered safely to your home. Only RJ and Dr. Waite know the proprietary recipes of Native Paw products. 

The environment is important to us. Raised on the philosophy of taking care of our land and animals has significant meaning to our company. Our sustainable management systems includes continually calculating our water and energy usage as well as waste and we work to improve those as much as possible. 

To ensure you are getting top quality products we register our products with the Washington State Department of Agriculture and follow any other guidelines including going above the basic requirements. We have an FDA-certified facility, where we make all our products, do our research and development, package products, and meet with buyers from some of your most trusted stores.

We have some seriously spoiled and organically-fed lady chickens. These girls are fed twice a day with only local organic grains. The farm fresh eggs they produce are filled with omegas and proteins that are so healthy for your dog and used in our distinctive dog treats. Remember, we the company owners, come from a ranching family where we fed our dogs a raw egg at least once a day—like many farmers and ranchers did and still do.


Native Paw products are Registered with the Washington State Department of  Agriculture

Sales benefit Veterinarian Scholarships for Veterinarian students studying canine cancer and Veterans