Maddie the Bulldog (2010 -2017)

Maddie’s Volunteer Work For and At Gonzaga University

This is a small sampling of the hundreds of images and events Gonzaga University used Maddie for. Maddie's humans were never paid for her volunteer service - we tell you this because some folks think we made bank!
Click here for her most famous recruitment video for Gonzaga. Turn your sound up the song and video are about how lonely the campus is without the students. 

Dog of Distinction Maddie

Above is a picture we would consider Maddie’s most famous photo sold by Gonzaga University to University Alumni as a poster. This pose was Dr. Waite's idea and taken by Raj a GU photographer.

Maddie Gonzaga(photo by Raj)

Maddie The Bulldog adorned many covers of magazines, television specials, news reports, videos, promotions, flyers, brochures, and attended events for Gonzaga University for numerous years. Some called her the Gonzaga “official mascot” but the Official Mascot is Spike, the human in the gray dog suit. Maddie was the LIVE bulldog on campus who visited the campus community. Maddie was on campus almost daily from 2010 through 2016.

Kennel Club

 Maddie's big head and the Kennel as seen on FOX Sports and several ESPN channels.

Maddie and McCullohPresident of Gonzaga University Dr. Thayne McCulloh who appeared in two videos with Maddie and in the videos Thayne referred to Maddie as "Spike" the name of Gonzaga's official mascot which began the trend of others referring to Maddie as the "Official Mascot". Here is the link to the recruiting video staring Maddie and Thayne.

Maddie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and it was announced throughout the state on many local, regional, and national news outlets. When she went over the rainbow bridge her friends from around the world including on Facebook her 5,000+ followers, Zag students, and Gonzaga staff all offered condolences with over 1200 stories of how Maddie helped them or made them smile. 

- BUT no one from Gonzaga University’s administration, including President McCulloh or any of the others who gained off Maddie sent even a simple email about Maddie’s passing. We can't help but think she felt betrayed by the administration and they have a lot to learn about following their own mission of the University.

Maddie's human, Dr. Waite, is thankful she was able to spend the time she had with Maddie. When Dr. Waite was diagnosed with Diabetes Maddie began training as her Diabetic Alert Dog and in time became Dr. Waite’s service dog.

The company, Maddie the Bulldog, LLC was created in memory of her and continues Maddie’s legacy (#MaddiesLegacy) of kindness to ALL. Originally (and she still might) Maddie’s human was going to write a story about Maddie but as time goes on Maddie’s human still suffers from a fall on Gonzaga University’s campus resulting in a TBI (traumatic brain injury).

Some of you may have heard about Dr. Waite taking Gonzaga University to federal court regarding discrimination it is true the jury did not find in her favor yet the jury did find that Gonzaga University was in the wrong but the jury believed GU's administrators actions did not rise to the full level of discrimination. Gonzaga University offered to pay the trial fees if Dr. Waite did not appeal the jury verdict. Dr. Waite accepted Gonzaga University’s offer to pay the trial fees, seeing this as a small victory so she could put it all behind her and focus on healing from the head injury.

Just before trial while standing up for her rights Dr. Waite was left without her career at GU. Dr. Waite (and Elly) began Maddie The Bulldog. Dr. Waite believes Maddie is worth remembering as evidenced by the continuing requests about her.

Maddie’s company is run by Dr. Waite and Elly (Maddie’s human sister). Dr. Waite uses her research skills and family recipes for developing innovative healthy dog treats. Dr. Waite believes Maddie's and many other dogs' cancers are from foods and the environment. As a result Maddie the Bulldog company only makes healthy all natural treats and care products easily digestible and healthy for canines.

Dr. Waite and Elly choose to support a student scholarship for  veterinarian students studying canine cancer in hopes that someday the madness of dogs (and humans) dying of this horrible disease can be stopped.

During the Covid-19 time Maddie the Bulldog donated 300 YARDS of polypropylene a thermoplastic polymer used in the lining of face masks. Maddie’s legacy of caring and walking the talk continues. Links to Maddie's videos are below and throughout this page.

Dr. Waite and Elly with Dottie and Chef 2020

Maddie's first video commercial for Gonzaga University, Snoring Video.

Link to Maddie the Bulldog (and Sophie) in Gonzaga commercial for Mentoring and the Center for Community Action and Service Learning.