Education played a significant role in Maddie's life, she helped her human obtain a PHD. Maddie was her human's service dog all through graduate school (Maddie believed she had a PHD in Bracketology, she was frequently shown on ESPN, FoxSports, and other sports related television shows. 

Maddie loved her human's homemade treats in fact they were the only thing she would eat in her final week on this earth. We are inspired to continue to make these treats in Deer Park and Greenbluff Washington. 

Maddie's life was so powerful by healing hurting hearts and continuously giving her infectious smile, her sports knowledge through coaching basketball, bracketology during tournaments, and Diva Beauty tips. She was continually learning and teaching. 

Because of her commitment for formal and informal education we believed supporting a scholarship is the way she would want us to remember her. Your purchases will grow the scholarship from one student getting enough for books to our dream of funding many Veterinarian Students' tuition. 

Information about applying for the scholarships will begin in July of 2019.


Please feel free to email if you have questions or would like to help in support of the scholarships.