Distinctive Pet Care Gift Pack

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Shop and save with Native Paw | Distinctive Pet Care Blessings of the Earth Gift Pack for all pet types, Natural Ingredients

The Blessings Gift Pack, (our most sought-after bundle) is an all-in-one pack that features all products in Native Paw's signature line. Named 'Blessings' for its abundance of natural, farm-fresh ingredients that come straight from our ever-loving Mother Earth. 

  1. Native Paw Nose + Paw Moisturizing Balm will ease cracking on the paws, noses, and other areas your pet may need some moisture. 

  2. Native Paw Smooth Oil will relax and ease stress, all-natural, and moisturizes the skin. 

  3. Native Paw Original Dog Treats are made of 100% all-natural ingredients, our proprietary process retains all the nutrients, vitamins, and fibers as nature intended.

  4. Native Paw 16oz Cleanser + Sanitizer made to stop the licking. Stop your dog from licking their paws and help them live a healthy lifestyle. 

  5. Native Paw 16oz Deodorizer + Fur Freshener is perfect for use between baths. Keep your dog or pet smelling fresh and clean. 

  6. Native Paw 16oz All-In-One Shampoo + Conditioner: Our gentle shampoo + conditioner combo is perfect for all pets of all ages, healthy pets, and even pets with skin allergies or dermatitis. 

  7. Give the wonderful gift of Blessings to your pet-loving friends. Comes gift-wrapped and can be shipped directly to your friends + family!

  8. Each product is packaged in a 16oz BPA-free bottle and filled with our distinctive formula.

  9. 100% natural and locally sourced ingredients in the Pacific Northwest from small organic farms.

  10. Safe for all dog breeds.


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