Dry Shampoo Odor Eliminator | Stop Paw Licking


Native Paw Stop the Paw Licking and Stop the Odors Dry Shampoo for Pets

Stops paw licking. Simply spray onto the paw or where your pet licks and it should stop then lift the grime away with a clean cloth. No need to rinse! Our Dry Shampoo is moisturizing! 

Essentially when your pet goes for a walk or plays outside their paws pick up allergens, pollutants, and grime. Using Native Paw's Dry Shampoo eliminates those harmful bacteria and germs before your pooch licks their paws and ingests into their body all that gunk! Using Native Paw's Dry Shampoo on pooch paws keep them clean and eliminates harmful gunk from entering your poochs digestive system or being absorbed through their paw pads. 

Our Native Paw Dry Shampoo, between bath No Rinse, Deodorizer, Fur Freshener is infused with cold-pressed essential oils— combining scents of calming lavender, vibrant mint, and an invigorating lemon-orange that eliminates odors and lifts away bacteria while moisturizing the coat. 

Real nature. Real science. Real care.

Puppies to seniors & Other Pets, Freshen & Remove Odors Natural Minty Citrus Spray Clean.

Directions Shake well before using. Spray coat liberally. Wipe the treated area with a damp cloth, working well into fur. For a tear-free shampoo experience when cleaning the head and face, spray onto a damp cloth and apply. Allow to dry, brush and groom as usual. Repeat process for heavily soiled or smelly areas.

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